Students Need Business Cards Too

In Undergrad, I wish someone would have told me the benefits of having a student business card. Student business cards are great for networking. Below are some tips on creating a standout student business card.

  • Portrait or Landscape Doesn’t Matter. I’ve seen cards that I like done both ways.
  • Take Off QR Codes. Employers aren’t using those and - to be honest - I’m not sure anyone is.
  • Fonts Should be Legible. If your font is too fancy and hard to read, it makes the employer want to go onto the next card.
  • The Card Should Look Current. The card shouldn’t look very “Web 2.0” and have chunky logos. If it looks like a card your CPA would give out, try to make it have a little more POP!
  • Avoid Too Much White Space. The card shouldn’t have so much white space that it looks like it’s missing a logo. Use your space wisely. The card is your real estate – use it well.
  • Bold Your Name. Your name should be the most prominent piece of information on the card. I suggest putting your name at the top.
  • School Should be Easy To Locate. The employer shouldn’t have to search for your school. It should be easy to find.
  • Don’t Write in Sentences. There is no professional that gives out business cards with complete sentences on it. For example, “I’m studying business at Villanova”
  • Incorporate Some Sort of Eye-Catching Design. This could be a photo that means something to you, squiggle lines, social media graphics, anything you want to make it pop.
  • Use an Outlook or Gmail Address. If the employer finds your card in two years, you want them to be able to reach you.
  • Make Your Graduation Year Clear. It’s important that the employer knows what year you graduate.
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